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is a total of $960,000 in funds for 5 different projects, 3 for d p w, san francisco state and cal trans. we pass that had unanimously with minimal discussion and the last one we had was 2013 prop case strategic plan and 5 year prioritization plan and pass that had with a minimum amount of discussion, although the 5 programs funded under 5 k lrt, cal train exception the driver replacement only the glert is not. we are disappointed to hear that. the majority of our discussion was not on your agenda was an update of pedestrian strategy of mpa director for sustainable streets gave a presentation. we are a little disappointed that as a committee that some safety measures like a lot of schools can't be implemented in the near term because of sequel requirements. we wonder if that isn't counterproductive. that's an item on everyone's agenda now i'm sure. that's all we have. >> thank you. colleagues, any questions? thank you so much. this was an informational item. so thank you. let's open this up for public comment. anyone from the public who would like to speak on this item? seeing none, public
van cal mentioned that the broader area is a high crime area with double the calls as defined what a high crime area is. and the fact that there is a college nearby. but i don't know if there is residentses for the college as well. the academy of art university. but i do see that you have got yelp reviews and i am looking at see maps to see what else is around you. it does not seem like there is an over concentration of places that sell hard liquor as well. so i mean i would take all of those into consideration besides the opportunity of our colleague. is it district six? >> so it would be supervisor kim's office. >> yes. >> mr. hanna i don't know how much time you will need to do this out reach. i think that it can be done, you know in a very short period of time. so that we can bring it item back and in the near future. so colleagues, could we have a motion to continue to the call of the chair? >> moved. >> so we have a motion to continue to the call of the chair. and again i would encourage you mr. hanna, if i were you after the meeting just stop by supervisor kim's office to se
. >> okay. thank you. >> i just had a question about a potentially controversial issue on the bay shore cal trans station on the san mateo county side and different efforts to look into moving it into san francisco side north and can you talk about that issue? >> sure. so the topic you are talking about is the idea to move that bay short cal trans station north from where it is now into san francisco? and we understand that that is an idea that has been put out there. it has been made pretty clear to us that it's not necessarily and idea that would benefit them and for efforts that are jointly funded and efforts that are looking to what are joint benefits to both counties, we would look at ideas that would jointly benefit the counties. while we understand that that idea is something that san francisco is interested in moving forward with and with the authority staff were interested in finding opportunities to look at that and move that idea forward, we are not going to enter that into joint effort we have with san mateo county to preserve relationships and respect the process that has been
provide those medicare -- medi-cal, excuse me, patients for cpmc from the tenderloin. another is community-based mental health services and again, we have our public health staff here to answer any questions on those. next is the health serve system. so, the term sheet specifies that cpmc will help protect the health service system from premium increases by capping rates for 10 years. this limits premium increases to ensure for hss. and i want to note a typo on the slide. what this should say and what it says in the term sheet is years 1 through 2 at 5% annually. and years 4 through 10 no more than the medical rate of inflation plus 1.5%. so, that should be noted as a 6. moving off of health care to the other set of community benefits that are contained in the term sheet, we start with affordable housing. the term sheet includes two different affordable housing payments. the first is 4.1 million to compensate for 25 units that will be displaced by the construction of the cathedral hill medical office building. and this payment is defined in the planning and the administrative codes. these
the california health benefits exchange and the expansion of the medi-cal program. in addition, the future of health care must emphasize prevention, outpatient and community services, and a comprehensive network of care. our health care delivery systems must focus on managing patient needs across many setting, from primary care to outpatient, inpatient, from routine to urgent, to emergency. our proposed facilities do differ from those for the plans that we developed several years ago, the more modest plans for cathedral hill also reflect our concerns about the affordability of our project due in part to delays that you are all familiar with. what is in front of you today supports cpmc's projected ability to take care of our patients. this plan includes 2 74 beds at the cathedral hill campus, and 120 beds at st. luke's. and as you heard, this represents a 50% reduction at cathedral hill and a 50% increase at st. luke's. the cathedral hill campus which will be our largest campus will be centrally located at the corner of geary and van ness and will continue to be the home for most of our ter
issues. one is that 1500 medi-cal [speaker not understood] that will come from the tenderloin. and everyone, a lot of the seniors that we talk to that i work with are either they don't have health insurance or they are going to be receiving benefits through medi-cal and we want to know and they ask me, how am i going to be able to access this? hospital? how am i going to be able to access the services? one of my tenants was here, he wanted to speak, but had to leave. he is at st. luke's. he lives in the tenderloin and want to see can he go to that hospital. in work force development, there are a lot of folks who i work with who have been out of jobs for a long time and they would like to start working, but getting that -- getting to that pipeline to be able to access a resource to be trained and getting actually placed in the job is another matter. that's a difficult matter. we ask that the supervisors will continue to ask the hard questions and monitoring what would that enforcement community oversight look like many. and lastly i want to say we support the nurses. we want to
to a lot of people in this room to make it possible. my first phone call in this project was to cal trans. in cal trans working together with the bay area with the mayor's office here in the county of san francisco and coast guard, official wild life, all of these came together to find a way when typically the system is designed to say no, people found a way to say yes to this project. the arts commission, this collusion support from the san franciscmuseum of modern art. i apologize for the folks i will be missing because this is a cast of a thousand that made this happen. we certainly love our lawyers in this process. morrison who helped it become a very established and professional way in getting the contract involved in getting this project to an amazing legal footing. the technology network in san jose who made this a crucial project. i want to call out a thanks to or tactical team. we know how to make it small, not over 150 feet in the air. we have a studio, zone engineering and i have to say thanks to hmr who has been a rock star and directly one of the reasons this is happening. an
. the project is being coordinated with the cal trans paving project which is set to the paved in 2014. the construction of the production improvement should be completed by march 15. the final is broadway improvement phase, this will improve broadway sidewalk and install sidewalks and this is part of the overall i am improvements that we've been seeing along broadway. the project cost increase about $260,000 because of increase and management production cost and contractors were over the estimate. rebidding will only delay the project and result in similar bid. therefore decided to go forward and use the funds. construction on that should start april 14 and completed december 13. this last one i will talk about is prop a a funding from san francisco state university t request is $146,000 to fund design of improvement on north drive. some of the specific i am improvements include new sidewalks and improvement lighting. san francisco state staff will coordinate with the appropriate agencies with the transportation agency and public utilities commission with school district which own are
. but they will receive collateral damage. some of these are very important to look at, scoring them cals and radiology and hospitals. >> have you to look at it across the board and we look at above and underground storage tanks and pipelines and if they rupture how will that effect the transit center. rail and air, of course your standard hazmat events, a truck something like that on the street near or around the center itself. man made is criminal acts, violence against property and in relation to the transit center. you think that everything from a violent act to graffiti, how are you going to try to buy down that threat and risk. we look at fire events, and plan to be 100-year building within those 100 years, we anticipate that you will have a fire event, a trash, can or a bus so we need recommendations and design criteria that would take care of those issues. cyber, obviously is a huge one. were you going to ask me a question? >> no. cyber, integrity management, the mass notification systems that would also support not only a man made event but any of the natural hazards but the technical hazards
now ask our representatives from the police department, inspectors, rich van cal. good morning. >> good morning, supervisors, rich van cal, representing the san francisco police department. charles (inaudible) on behalf of good oel has filed a application seeking to add a type 42 on-sale beer and wine license for 34 mason. from the calendar year, december, 2011, to december 2012 there were 28 calls for service, which generated three police reports. this premise is located in plot 178. the premise is located in a high-crime area. it is located in the census track 125.01. and the premises is located in a due concentration area. there were one letter of protest with the california department of alcohol beverage control and 16 letters of support with the california department of alcohol beverage control. there is no opposition from the police station if agrees to the recommended conditions. the licensing recommends approval of the below conditions, number one, sales of alcoholic beverages shall be permitted between 11 a.m. and 12 a.m. midnight, sunday through wednesday. and eleven
and enabled to happen. so many people to thank, but certainly folks at cal trans and mayor's office, governors office. there were so many hoops we had to jump through. getting the permit was one of the miracles. i thank you for believing in public art and helping us get this done. amy has been amazing, our executive art director. [ applause ] amy was able to shepherd this impossible project through all the intricacies, i'm in incredibly grateful for her help, grateful for his efforts in another monumental task. he's raised $6 million of our $8 million. this project is an incredible gift by our pat patrons through the city. this is an incredible piece. you don't have to buy a ticket. it's there and available. a very universal quality, it has some response to it. it's operating on a very primal level. i think we the technical team that put this piece up has been remarkable. zad and zoon has been a lifesaver. incredible individual who has never said no to me. everything is always been possible and bringing the team together to actually install this work. to make a photo shop simulation and 3d ani
call in this project was to cal trans. in cal trans working together with the bay area with the mayor's office here in the county of san francisco and coast guard, official wild
. if we could hear from inspector? good morning, rich van cal representing the san francisco police department. eagle club indoor golf has filed an application with the california department of beverage alcohol seeking a type 42 which is on sale beer and wine for 555 howard street and for the calendar year july 11 to july of 12. there were six police calls for service which generated one police report. this premises is located in plot 238, which is not the premises is not located in a high crime area. this premises is located in census track 061.500. applicant premises currently located in an undue concentration area. and there is one letter of protest recorded with the california department of alcoholic beverage control and no letters of support. the alcoholing licensing unit recommends approval and the following conditions. number one, sales and service consumption of alcoholic beverages shall be permitted only between the hours of 10 a.m. and 12 a.m. midnight, sunday through wednesday, and ten a.m. to 2 a.m. thursday through saturday. number two, no noise shall be audible under a
, there are two issues, one, there is no cpi assumed for dpis cal year 13 mf 14 for non-profits and two, there is no reduced or cost of doing business increases as a balance strategy throughout this report. the assumption that there is no cpi to non-profits this coming year was made because it wasn't part of the last budget. that's a fantasy, we never had a conversation about this second fiscal year in the two year budget and non-profits are facing the same cost pressures the city is facing, health care costs and inability to give raises, the issues are all the same, we have said repeatedly, if we are part of the solution, then we want to be part of the problem, we need to be in this deficit, secondly, the assumption that there won't be any cost of doing business increases, it costs around 20%. years of double digit health care costs, no raises, the city keeps paying lip service to this issue you tell us we're important, let's do something about it in good faith, let's have the conversation and not shut the door. >> any members of the public who wish to comment on item number 1? okay, s
through cal so she can now teach science in your schools. i made it to foreman by straight dealing and producing quality work that commanded respect. that is my ethic. i think we will produce a quality agreement for you, a functional agreement for you and i think the advocates of local hire are afraid of that because they don't want to give us credit for anything. they want to be able to declare victory and they want bragging rights. that should not be the concern of this district. it should be what works for its students. thank you. >> good evening. i'm here for the same reason -- to formulate a pla that's best for san francisco. i think the disagreement or discussion is how we get there. i represent local 43, fire sprinkler unit. we long to the san francisco building trade and we feel that pla between san francisco unified school district can only come to fruition if that's done through the san francisco building trades because they represent all the building trades. and like the people before me, i just ask that you take that into account. thank you. >> good evening. m
's inhabitant and make san francisco a more resilient community. for the northern california cal chapter of the earthquake engineering institute, i want to state that we are in favor of creation of mandatory for wood frame buildings in the city. the proposed ordinance learned from experience from other areas in the city and other areas. there have been inventories in santa clara counties and they have done great work in this area, there are mandatory evaluations ordinances in berkeley andal alameda. we feel practical experience exist to facilitate a program such as san francisco is looking at here today. we feel the cap study to reach a wide variety of audiences and they have a technical group and many stake holders groups involved in that area and from other cities and other programs that these can help these along. i just would like to say the adoption of the ordinance would be an important milestone. i would like to pledge the support of our organization to support you. >> thank you very much. >> next speaker. >> good afternoon. i'm john berry, speaking on behalf of myself. i'm a sma
. there's the mtc of which commissioner wiener is on the seat on and as well as commissioner campos in cal trans and others that will come up i am sure that members of the committee might want to propose and within those departments we can probably work with you to figure out who would be the key people to talk to as well. we're 11 member body and there's probably 11 different points of view as well, so i think figuring out how to come up with the consolidated consensus as to the approach and the recruitment profile and other key qualities you want to see in the executive director. there is a lot of work to come up with that consensus and i will be as available as i can be and if you're at 24/7 i will be and other members expressed that interest so i think we have a good relationship to form to help move this along. commissioners? okay. well, thank you for being here. we can check in just after the meeting would be great. >> i would like to take a moment and ask daphne to come up and talk about her experiences. i don't want to hog the mic because it really is a team and i would like y
's the mta to be responsible to meet with cal trans and bart to develop projects. we would invite other interested partners who ma want to coordinate a projector be part of that conversation and also outreach requirements that the sponsors have to take as well as multiple assistants and advisory committee and the board and outreach that will be going on this spring in the summer. so very briefly here is a schedule that is in more detail on page 45 of your packet. the idea that the main work course of this period is may, june, if we are working with you, the project sponsors, a draft prioritization of methodology and we'll come back to you in june or july. at that time we have a board to adopt a state line. they are not required to have prioritization plans and they have a one line item with particular funding. then we have early summer and early fall. if we find we need to, we can extend the schedule. so that sponsors can plan ahead. these are the major capital projects that are in the expenditure plan that will be updated in june. with that i will be happy to answer any questions. this
in conjunction with cal transfollowed for the drive project, there is in essence two state agencies that take a look at a public, private partnership application and one is the public investment, or the private investment, i forget, what it stands for, but it is a function of the transportation secretary's office. and it was a committee that was supposed to review, proposals and make comments. secondarily, the state transportation commission is empowered to authorize a public private partnership in lease and contract. this bill, highens the ability to actually act as an initial hurtle and they have a binding, and the binding ability to reject the public, private partnership proposal before it goes to the transportation commission, we think that is not what the original framers of the particular p3 law intended and it does add an extra burden to the process and we are recommending oppose to that. ab 863 is another one that we are recommending oppose, it seems like it was a measure that we would support but page 7 details that this bill would allow for the delegation of nepa, the national, envi
the contract is for a total of 7 hundred bikes 350 will be in san francisco the rest will be down the cal train corridor so very much a pilot and used to evaluate the benefit of bike share in terms of getting more people on the bikes and out of their car giving people more options how to make short trips in the city. although the time it's taken this pilot up and going i think many other cities have already gone past proofing the concept this pilot program was initial ly meant to be 500 bikes but because of funding constraints it's only 7 hundred but we will be reaching out to our regional partners to see if we can get that number up to a thousand. and look to expand we're very confidence that as every other city that's tried this it will be very successful. the good news is the contract is finally awarded and the bikes should be in place and operational by august so a great big step forward. and then just two items on muni service changes 2 different things we're doing one temporary one permanent the temporary one is an extension of what we did during the christmas and new year holiday. we
. this is the cal train depot on a tuesday. this is tuesday. this is tuesday. castro okay lined up. different times of the day you know the times are different the days are different but the picture is still the same it's still the same. we don't need cabs all the time. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> followed by ed, healey and mic -- [inaudible] and then joan wood. >> good afternoon welcome back. >> good afternoon mr. chair man members of the board i'm here to speak on a couple of items first let me follow up on something that john -- said about taxi stands. i think the sooner we get taxi stands back where they belong the better the taxi service is going to be in this city and to follow up on something that mr. -- [inaudible] said to come up with any decision they may not make any decisions regarding illegal limosines in my lifetime and i say that partly tongue and cheek because i hope i am wrong but i have never seen any action -- [inaudible] and you know the thing is i think one of the rulings that the state puc made was we're not going to fine you until we look into everything. appare
that is their plan. it's going to create the problems that cal a brought up there. that's a residential area. the last 3 months that it was open it was so bad that they are carrying guns. trader joes has closed off their parking lots and i hope they do not allow cvs to do that. cvs has also applied for license at another location which is a better area. >> general public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> we'll take a 10 minute break. thank you. >>> planning commission regular hearing for march 14, 2013. we do not allow any out burst and please turn off any mobile phones. we left off -- planning code section 604, signs shall not be treated
. it's been pointed out that traders joe's and cvs are replacing cal an and there are more letters but part of the an allowance that the font should remain the same especially on the historic ones even though the tenants are different. it makes no sense to have a sign for a tenant that is no longer there that confuses public. in fact the other night they were going to an event and they ended up at the gift center because there was an event there years before. it wasn't so much about the signage but they remember going to one a few years before that and it's fairly close to the same place. as far as the appeals process, correct me if i am wrong, but it sounds like there would be an ability for discretionary review and even staff created would there not be? >> no. section 604 a specifically states the planning commission doesn't have the authority to comply with articles 6 with the planning code for signs. there would be an appeal. no one can have a dr before the planning commission but they can -- appeal. >> could staff do that if they thought something was inappropriate? >> it woul
the cal transconstruction cooperative agreement, and the right-of-way certification and the u.s. coast guard license agreement and all agreements with the u.s. navy and at&t and comcast and funding docs for the federal and state requirements. >> that concludes my presentation. >> great. thank you very much. >> colleagues, do you have any questions for mr. cordova? >> okay. seeing none, are there any members of the public that like to speak on this item? >> all right. seeing that there is no public comment, public comment is closed. is there a motion to approve item five? >> all right, motion lead by commissioner chiu and seconded by farrell, without objection? >> this item goes forward. and all right, madam clerk. >> 6. >> introduction of new items this is an information item. >> colleagues, is there any news? >> no news, i guess that is a good thing. >> all right. is there any members of the public that would like to speak on thit em. >> seeing none public comment is closed. >> madam clerk, could you call item seven? >> public comment. >> public comment. public comment is closed. than
with the cal trans repair scheduled maintenance in 5 years. zero waste week at fisherman's wharf. march 22nd zero waste week. during this week thousands of jurisdictions and businesses worldwide will be celebrating zero waste week. the recycling association and the grass roots recycling networks. it will include tours, receptions and all centered around zero waste. they will attend fisher man's wharf and will include a movie trash at the bay theatre. the sploert tomorrow is a finalist for the real estate deals of the year. the san francisco business times is honoring the best deals on 2012 on march 20th at the western saint frances. the bay area has seen an -- array of significant deals in 2012 from land to affordable housing. san francisco time will honor the most creative real estate deals done in the bay area in 2012 as well as the deal maker of the year, broker of the year and deal of the year. the finalist for the best real estate deal of 2012. and now i would like to introduce dr. heart ik executive director of the california historical society who will make a short presentation on th
and i love basketball and in fact probably about 10 minutes ago by beloved cal bears tipped off and i wanted to say go bears and if they don't win my brackets are screwed. anyway i had the pleasure of visiting herz play ground and i always believe you should be able to run games free of violence, and i had the pleasure and phil took me out to herz play ground. they showed me where the project is going to be and i heard horrific stories of kids trying to play basketball and i think this will go a long way to improve that community's recreational opportunities and i am pleased to sponsor redoing building a safe place for kids to play hoops and i took it for granted when i was a kid and i am glad to be part of this project. i wanted to note this came before the capital committee and we approved for recommendation for approval. >> thank you commissioner. seeing no other comments do we have a motion. >> so moved. >> second. >> moved and seconded. all those in favor? >> aye. >> unanimous. thank you. >> we are now -- as a reminder item eight is off calendar so we are item nine. the so
with 5 a on the cal endar which is a rehearing and it has been withdrawn. and the second has to do with item number nine, 13.004, i want to make sure that the parties to the matter are here, could i see the hands of the appellant and the permit holder? they have requested that this matter be continued and with the president's content we can give the parties to speak to that to see if we are going to hear that case. if we could have the parties come forward and we will start with the appellant, and three minutes, madam president? >> yes. >> you will each have three minutes to present to the board specifically on the question as to whether or not this case should be heard on a different night. >> it is the appellant's request? >> that is correct. >> i requested the alternate date because i have a second permit that i also appealed and it is for the address 2130, the second appeal has a hearing day of may 15th, it was for renovations of the interior done by the future tenant. and since this involves the same things as to whether the store, this is a retail store, i wanted to merge the
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 76 (some duplicates have been removed)